Large Family Box

Apart from seafood, we also source a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

5x Bananas 
1x 1kg Tomato Bag 
1x 5kg Carrots 
1x 5kg Brown Onions 
5x Cucumbers 
1x 3kg Net Oranges 
1x 5kg Bag Brushed Potato 
5x Mandarin 
1x Corn tray 
2x Avocados
1x Iceberg Lettuce 
1x Strawberry Punnet 
1x Apple Net 
1x Trims 660g Eggs 
1x Lemon Net 
2x Broccoli Heads 
1x Cauliflower
1x Mushroom Tray 
2x Mangos 
1x Spinach 
1x Capsicum Net 
5x Pear 
1x Kiwi Tray 
1x Blueberry Punnet 


all packed into 5 Boxes