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Seafood Delivery Sydney

Zag seafood has the freshest seafood in Sydney which can be delivered to your door within 24 hours.

We have over 30 years of experience delivering Sydneys freshest seafood, we  select seafood straight from Sydney Fish Market, clean and prepared at one of 3 facilities for delivery to your doorstep. From the wharf to your fridge, our fish is  the freshest seafood in Sydney. 

Try one of our seafood platters which comes with everything you need for a date  night or entertaining guests. Delight them with the most delicious fresh  seafood in Sydney. With everything you could want in a seafood platter from  prawns to lobsters and don't forget the Sydney rock oysters. Choose from our  selection of sides and ensure you get the right seafood sauce that everyone  loves on their seafood.  

Apart from seafood, we also source a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.  We have everything you need for your fresh seafood dinners, seafood recipes,  and it's all delivered straight to your door by one of our team. 

Sydneys Freshest Seafood 

We have Sydney's freshest seafood and we are proud to offer you everything  you need for your seafood lunches or dinners.  With the best quality seafood, we want our customers to know that we will do whatever is required to make  your seafood experience a special one. 

Check out our range of seafood items from our store including the best  Australian and overseas prawns - either pre cooked tiger prawns or make your  own prawn dishes with our fresh king green prawns. We have Australian fillet  salmon and tuna grade salmon ready for sashimi. If you're after some other  great Australian fish we have barramundi, flathead, bream and many other  types of fish by the fillet ready to deliver. 

If you want a fresh and prepped whole fish ready to put on the bbq or  deliciously oven cooked then check out our selection of Whole Fish . We make  the process even easier for you by giving you the option of how you would like  your seafood prepared. Choose from your cleaning options for full scaling and  gutting and everything you can think of to have your order prepped and  ready for your free delivery straight to your door. 

Seafood Delivery Ordering Online 

Ordering your Seafood from Zag Seafood is quick and easy - all you need to  do is add your items to the cart, type in your post code to confirm you are in  our service areas, then select a date for your seafood to be delivered. Orders over  $50 qualify for free delivery ! If you are outside of our free delivery zones then  you can come in store to our shop in Merrylands and pick up. Accept Online  orders every day except Sunday. Stockland Shopping Centre Shop 1054, 1  McFarlane St.